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Bottled-Water Fundraisers

Bottled water can be a healthy and profitable alternative for fundraising.
The staff at Fundraising.Com has provided the following fundraising tips.

For many booster clubs and schools, $1 fundraisers are their bread-and-butter fundraisers. They are a constant, reliable source of revenue. For those schools that have limited the sales of some candy fundraisers because they must abide by stricter government-directed health standards, bottled water is an easy and healthy fundraising choice—with lots of profit potential.

As an example, FundRaising.Com's custom-label bottled water can offer booster clubs up to 100-percent profit. This is possible because booster clubs get local companies to sponsor the club's water in exchange for having their names printed on the labels. (Booster clubs can choose how many names to include on the water bottle labels.) If a booster club gets 10 sponsors, their bottled water is free and the booster club can make a $1-profit on every bottle sold.

This healthy fundraiser doesn't feel like a fundraiser since many sports fans and athletes already buy bottled water. Plus, the $1-selling price is the average retail price for bottled water. Booster clubs can sell a lot of custom label bottled water at sporting events and competitions without much effort.

To prepare selling bottled water as a fundraiser, booster club members should work together to get 10 sponsors for their bottled water. This could take one to three weeks, depending on how organized and connected the booster club members are with their community.

When working with FundRaising.Com, after finding 10 sponsors, the booster club must then decide what it wants its label to look like: a mascot, a picture, or a slogan such as "Go Tigers!" can be printed in the school's colors on the label, next to sponsors' names. The turnaround time is four to six weeks once the company receives the label design. The pallet of custom-labeled bottled water (60 cases of 24 bottles) arrives via truck. The bottles can then be stored easily to be sold throughout the season during games or competitions.

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