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Don't Throw Away That Empty Cartridge

Recycle inkjets for cash: How booster clubs can use ink-jet recycling programs to generate funds.

By the staff at Empties 4 Cash

Recycling waste materials help to conserve our natural resources and save energy, while preventing further pollution caused by extracting and processing raw materials. It's also an easy way to raise money a year-round basis without taking up a lot of time or energy.

It takes almost three ounces of oil to produce a brand new cartridge and over 10 centuries (that's more than 1,000 years) for the plastic in these inkjets to decompose.

Considering that hundreds of millions of new cartridges are being produced while just as many cartridges are being thrown into the landfills, imagine what can be save if those cartridges are recycled. Instead of creating waster, recycling empty ink cartridges allows people to conserve valuable resources and energy, save money, and reduce pollution all by re-manufacturing these used cartridges.

Recycling can also be financially rewarding. For the most part, there is no cost to participate in an inkjet-recycling program—just money to be raised. Most of us have inkjet printers at home or work. Next time when you have an empty cartridge, don't throw it away. Just put it in a Ziploc bag or the original cartridge box and bring it to your booster club's designated drop-off site. (Most companies will supply a special recycle box.)

Finding empty ink cartridges is simple. You can also get them from friends, neighbors, and even small businesses in your community. On average, a person uses two cartridges a year--the potential is huge.

Benefits to the booster club:

Benefits to the community:

Which cartridges:

Everybody helps. Everyone wins. You can make a difference.

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