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How To Select the Ideal Fundraising Program

Several tips on what to look for when selecting a fundraising program.
The staff at eFundraising has provided the following fundraising tips.

FIRST STEP: Determining Your Unique Fundraising Needs:

SECOND STEP: Based on your established needs, select the ideal fundraiser among the four types of programs offered:

Scratch Cards
Scratch Cards provide the highest level of profit with the least amount of administration work on the part of the campaign organizer. They are easy to sell and supporters get valuable brand name coupons for their contribution. For example, a group of 100 motivated members can easily net $9,000 in 15 days.

Magazines are easy to sell because everyone reads magazines. And with the large variety of magazine titles offered, your supporters will be glad to subscribe to their favorite magazines while helping your group earn high profits. In addition, our magazine program works in three different ways, so that you can reach the maximum number of supporters across the United States, quickly and easily.

Chocolate campaigns offer products with high brand recognition. This makes the products very easy to sell. They have proven to be very successful for many years and make for a fun campaign.

Gift Brochures
Gift Brochures are the best way to raise money without having to incur any financial risk for your school or group. This fundraiser allows you to have the items pre-sold before you order them. It's relatively more work due to the collection of orders, the distribution of products, and dealing with returns, but Order-Taker Brochures are ideal for financial risk-free fundraisers.

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