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Nut-Tritious Fundraisers

Peanuts can be a healthy fundraising alternative.

By the marketing staff at Bertie County Peanut, a family-owned company that has been growing and selling peanuts in Bertie County, North Carolina for over 100 years.

Many schools are more nutrition-oriented today than in the past, and atheltic booster clubs may be looking for new products for their fundraisers that reflect this trend. One such heart-healthy product that's gaining popularity is peanuts. Peanuts are high in proteins, vitamin B, fiber, and phytochemicals. Just as import, peanuts are low in unsaturated fats and have no cholesterol.

Since there are three different types of peanuts grown in the U.S. (cocktail or Virginias, Runners, and Spanish,), companies like Bertie County Peanuts have the ability to offer creative fundraiser programs with products that are not only nutritious, but profitable and easy to sell.

This family-owned company has been growing and selling peanuts in Bertie County, North Carolina for over 100 years, perfecting its peanut recipes that include Blister Fried; Peanut Brittle; Honey Roasted Peanuts; Batchelor Bay Seasoned Peanuts; Red Hot Hexlena Peanuts; Chocolate Covered Peanuts; Butterscotch Covered Peanuts; Goobers & Stix ; Goobers & Kickn' Stix; and Roasted (with or without salt) In-Shell Peanuts.

Peanuts can be bought in bulk, allowing booster clubs to package them in smaller, more convenient-size bags for selling at concession stands during athletic and school events—creating more profit-potential for a club. In order to enjoy the best flavor of peanuts, keep them stored in a cool area and consume the peanuts within six to eight weeks of receipt. In terms of the environment, peanuts are packaged in plastic recyclable jars or in burlap bags.

According to Bertie County Peanuts, booster clubs can expect to pay $5 or $6 per item, earning them about a 40-percent profit margin. When peanuts are bought in bulk, shipping is free and shipments arrive in two to three weeks.

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