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Alumni- and Donor-Brick Fundraisers

Donor and alumni brick offer ways to increase school pride—and revenue.

by Brick Markers™ USA, Inc.

Donor and alumni brick is a great way to increase school pride-and revenue. The bricks pose a popular booster club fundraiser because they recognize and memorialize graduates, students, and high school supporters. Alumni and donors like to see their names and messages as a permanent part of a structure. They provide great memories, honoring their school as well as providing financial support for the institution. They also offer the alumni the opportunity to give back to the school and feel good about their ability to do so.

Common places where alumni bricks can be found on school property varies, depending on who is heading the fundraising campaign. For example, if it is the athletic department, the bricks may be placed in front of a stadium/coliseum, etc. In general, the majority of the bricks are located in a close proximity of the facility, department, or organization overseeing the fundraising campaign.

Preparing for this type of fundraiser is easy, but it does require teamwork since having a good marketing plan will increase the profit potential of alumni-brick fundraiser. The first thing to do is form a committee, with members sharing their ideas on the tasks, goals, and projected sales. Before beginning any alumni brick campaign, the committee should discuss:

• How much money the school is intending to raise

• How many prospective donors are you reaching for or need to reach for your goal

• Determine the area where these bricks will be placed (including visibility), and how many bricks can be installed into this area

• Determine the cost per donor brick and/or determine the levels of giving you want to offer

Committee members must saturate, educate, and create compassion for their fundraising campaigns. Overall, be realistic with your expectations. Enjoy being a part of a fundraising campaign, as it can be very rewarding.

A special "feature" of this particular fundraiser is that they can last for as long a as an organization deems necessary. If you continue to sell donor bricks and have an area to place them, it is wise to keep the fundraiser active. The results are additional-and consistent-funds for your program, and a successful fundraiser in the end.

There are several ways to create alumni bricks. Brick Markers™ USA, Inc., for example, offers its patented Vitralase® and Vitrix® laser engraving processes. The time to create each individual brick depends on the text, custom logo /or clipart, etc. to be engraved.

Delivery time is also determined by many factors: when the order is received, the size of the order, processing time, shipping time, etc. It is imperative that the organization and Brick Markers™ USA, Inc. work closely together to be sure that all needs are addressed and delivery is sufficient for the client.

Regardless of the time it takes to laser engrave an order and deliver your bricks, make sure the company you're using can meet your deadline-which Brick Markers™ USA guarantees.

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