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How To Make Magazine Fundraising Work for You

by the staff at ESPN Coaches Fundraising

Due to school cut-backs, most athletic programs need to fundraise—that's a fact. The most challenging part of this process is finding a fundraiser that works best for your team or organization. Many schools and teams across the country would agree, magazine fundraising is fast, easy and requires very little work on the part of the administrator. Whatever you are laooking to raise money for—whether to purchase new equipment, reduce participation costs, defray travel costs or to provide registration fees for tournament play—magazine fundraising can work for you.

Below is a strategy on how to make magazine fundraising work best for your team, school or organization:

On Your Mark, Get Set...
The more hands in the pot, the better chance for mistakes. Assign a coach, administrator, booster representative or team parent to handle all fundraising efforts for your team. This allows you to concentrate on coaching while allowing eager volunteers to help out.

Do your homework and decide on a fundraising organization you would prefer to work with. Some important questions to ask yourself:

Plan ahead; it prevents headaches down the road. Make sure you have all paperwork needed for your fundraiser at least two weeks before you plan to start and all your questions have been answered.

Set a selling goal and determine a time frame for your fundraising efforts. Once your goal and time frame have been determined, decide how many subscriptions each player needs to sell for your team goal to be met. This will make it easier for you to reach your fundraising goal.


Make sure everyone is on the same page—before, during and after your fundraiser. Hold a team meeting and distribute all of the fundraising materials needed for your players to begin. Provide examples of people they should contact for support: Family Members, neighbors, local businesses, etc. Additional questions may arise when your players and parents are fundraising—make sure the fundraising contact is available to speak during this time.

Motivation is the KEY to success. Some players do not understand the importance of fundraising. Motivational tools such as prize programs, contests and parties are way to encourage your team to raise funds.

Crossing the Finish Line
You're only three C's away from finishing. Once your fundraising efforts are complete:
  • Collect all fundraising materials from your players after practice or at a team meeting.
  • Correctly fill out and submit team information to the fundraising company.
  • Congratulate your team on a job well done.

    It's that simple. Since your team does not distribute the magazines, your fundraiser is complete. The fundraising company should take care of the rest. Now you can sit back and focus on coaching.

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