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Fundraising Through Event Booklets

How new technology creates a new breed of event program booklets.
from the staff at eNarratives, LLC

It's surprising to find how many teams and schools do not have programs or have programs that are produced once or twice a year in black and white. Program booklets are a great communication tool for teams to broadcast news, stats, and other information to fans as well as to promote fundraising and sporting events to community members. Program booklets are very easy to produce, and with today's technology, open new avenues for school organizations to be creative as they increase fan interest and revenue.

One such company using this technology is eNarratives, LLC. The company produces reSport Cards®, custom program booklets created entirely by sport teams. Teams list their upcoming schedules and future booster club events onto eNarrative's Web site or email the content directly to them, who then compiles the information and automates it for publishing along with other team information provided directly from the head coaches or school administrators.

Action photos of recent games can also appear in the books alongside cheerleader photos, player shots, and team rosters. Some teams even publish rosters for the opposing teams as a way to induce opposing team fans to purchase their books, turning the rivalry into an easy-to-manage fundraising project.

Organizations enjoy publishing just the right number of copies from week to week and rest assured knowing their programs will always be up-to-date and nothing is wasted. As for generating revenues, this new breed of program booklets provides maximum profit potential. For example, booster clubs who have used reSport Card have garnered strong advertising support partly because of the heavyweight glossy paper and full-color reproduction.

Just as team members work hard together to win, companies should work diligently with individuals from your school or booster club to successfully produce these booklets. eNarratives does just that when creating reSport Cards. The ideal situation for producing reSport Cards involves a person to handle the weekly statistics and schedule, another person to coordinate photos, and a third person to coordinate the residual items such as advertising, submitting coach or player interviews (and other verbiage), and taking care of ordering booklets.

New technology also ensures that your team receives high-quality booklets. At eNarratives, two digital printing presses are in-house, allowing the company to control quality and ensure fast delivery times so teams can go to press week to week, if they so desire. And because so much of the processes are highly automated, it's able to keep prices at $.79 per eight-page book plus shipping—allowing your team to keep all of the advertising profit.

For more information on how your team can benefit from reSport Cards, visit is brought to you by a recognized and established name in the school athletics arena, MomentumMedia—publisher of Athletic Management, Coaching Management and Training & Conditioning magazines.