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Functional Fundraising

Contributed by the marketing staff at E.P. Enterprises

As the year begins anew, some sports programs are taking an alternative approach to fundraising: incorporating team equipment functionality with school spirit.

One such company that has honed in on this trend is E.P Enterprises, which manufactures Bonkers® Benches. Bonkers Benches are storage units that combine durable seating with secure storage and attractive customized engraving.

Like Bonkers, these products are specifically geared toward school environments, are ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor use, and are engineered to be maintenance free for team convenience. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and "spirit options," which from Bonkers Benches, includes engraving options that recognize an individual's accomplishments and contributions to a specific sport program and its booster club.

Products that blend functionality and fundraising also provide teams with new sponsorship strategies. So, instead of depending on selected sponsorships who can donate larger sums of money, teams can approach multiple smaller-donating businesses or individuals for contributions—and still make a profit.

For instance, Bonkers Benches are designed so the top of the bench is divided up into sponsor spaces. The sponsor spaces contain the messages about those who have contributed to the organization. While booster clubs set their own prices for the sections on the bench, most sell $100 sponsorships. Using this amount, approximately 50 percent of the proceeds are applied toward the engraving of the messages and the purchase of the Bonkers product. The booster club keeps the other 50 percent to help pay for other equipment needs or other team expenses. Teams selling sponsorships at $100 can expect to raise $5,000 in profit per bench. (The most popular Bonkers model, the XB800, is capable of displaying 60 sponsor spaces.)

Functional fundraisers are an alternative solutions to meet team needs: providing a resource that helps fund programs and being specially-engineered equipment that's guaranteed to last for years to come.

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