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Recipes for Success

Trading recipes is a time-honored tradition that goes back for generations—which is why cookbooks are popular fundraisers for school organizations. To gauge their popularity is like gauging the popularity of story telling, eating dinner with the family, or spending time with friends. People enjoy sharing their traditions. And likewise, people enjoy reading through the recipes and incorporating these meals into their own family's repertoire. The community cookbook is a lasting keepsake that brings friends and families together through good food.

Contributed by the marketing staff at Fundcraft

More importantly, cookbooks make money—guaranteed—primarily because they're so easy. The profit margin from a cookbook is high. For instance, people who use Fundcraft Publishing make over 50 percent on each cookbook they sell. There is no limit to how much money an organization can make with their cookbook. Funds can be raised from $500 to $25,000 and more—it all depends on where you set your fundraising goals. On the low end, with a profit of $5 per cookbook and 50 students involved in the sports program, if each family purchases one cookbook (50 cookbooks) and each student sells five cookbooks (250 cookbooks), the club has already raised $1,500 for uniforms, camp fees, equipment, etc.

With rewards for the top students in sales and, if your group works with a company like Fundcraft that provides marketing and supply kits to its customers, it would be easy to make 10 times ($15,000 +) that from one cookbook fundraiser. With those kinds of results, you can see how this is an important revenue source.

In general, there are two types of cookbook fundraisers: pre-made cookbooks or custom community cookbooks. With Fundcraft, organizations can choose their cookbook program based on how much time they have to develop their fundraisers.

Option 1: Pre-made cookbooks. Fundcraft has a catalog featuring 25+ pre-made cookbooks. You can select one cookbook to sell, and customize it with your group's name. Or, you can sell cookbooks straight from the catalog. Option 1 takes no time at all once you decide this is the fundraising program for you.

Option 2: Creating your own community cookbook. This option takes longer, because it involves collecting recipes from the members of your organization. It can take anywhere from three weeks to two months, depending on how fast your committee works.

If your group chooses to create its own community cookbook, expect to receive your order 45-60 working days after the publishing company receives all the necessary materials. This time period includes proofing, printing, and shipping the cookbooks, and it is important to keep in mind when planning cookbook fundraisers. A tight timeline may determine which cookbook fundraiser option works best for your organization.

When deciding on a publishing company for your cookbook, make sure its customer service specialists are available when you need them and guide an organization through any rough spots during the process. At Fundcraft, its specialists walk their clients through each step of the process to ensure orders are quick, easy, and hassle-free. They also recommend ways to increase your booster club's profit margins.

Below are several tips in the Fundcraft Marketing and Supply Kit. Among them are:

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