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A Garden Variety Fundraiser

This past year Flower Power Fundraising helped thousands of schools, churches, marching bands, sports teams, and other civic organizations raise millions of dollars selling guaranteed-to-bloom flower bulbs and plants.

This employee-owned company has spent the past several years perfecting this earth-friendly alternative to candy fundraisers. Its customers have enjoyed working with Flower Power for several reasons:

Flower Power features two seasonal programs, allowing for easier year-round fundraising planning. In the springtime you'll find a rich offering of top-quality summer-blooming plants including coneflowers, bleeding hearts and lilies. In the fall they bring back the standards including tulips, daffodils and lavender mountain lilies.

The company's most popular item sells for $20, (of which school organizations keep $10) and features a 50-bulb collection of the company's most popular tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, irises, and alpine rosy bells. There are no long delivery waits or worrying about Mother Nature, as groups receive their ready-to-plant bulbs four to 14 days after placing their orders.

Furthering its customer service, Flower Power recently launched its new Web site. Visitors can view the company's fall lineup, understand the in's and out's of the fundraising program, read customer testimonials, and request a free sales kit. Best of all, potential patrons can find out which products grow best in their environment, read gardening tips, and in September, will be able to download the company's fall 2007 planting guide.

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