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Digitizing Fundraising Opportunities

"Going digital" has been the market trend recently. Consumers can buy high-definition televisions, cameras, radio broadcasts, and now, fundraising and team-spirit items such as digitally printed banners.

One such company that's making its way into the digital territory is KD Kanopy. For more than 20 years, the company has been manufacturing canopies, booths, and banners for non-profit organizations nationwide, and it is using digital printing technology to help these organizations promote their goods and services.

"This technology is really geared for school spirit and sponsorships," says KD Kanopy Director of Sales, Ian McIntosh. "Our ability to digitally print high-quality graphics offers booster clubs a multitude of opportunities not only to express their team pride but to increase their revenue-generating capabilities," he says.

Just as important, the graphics and fabrics are designed to withstand wear and tear—whether its from the sports team or Mother Nature. Take for example, the company's new digitally printed break-through banner. In the past, teams would run through paper banners as they come onto the field or court. Each time a game took place, a new banner had to be created.

Now, with KD Kanopy's technology, teams can run through the same digitally printed banner that breaks apart at the heavy-duty Velcro center seam. These banners can have club sponsors visible to the crowd year-long, as the printing is guaranteed and the fabric is durable, UV-protected, and waterproof. A collapsible steel frame allows for easy storing, and pops up firm when game-time nears. Furthermore, the digitally printed logos are double-sided, so they can be reused and rearranged as the booster club sees fit.

In general, it takes four to six weeks for a club to receive digitally printed fabric goods. If using KD Kanopy, the process begins by booster club members asking local businesses that are popular with students to become a sponsor of the booster club. "Small businesses appreciate all the exposure, especially if others in the community know their businesses are helping kids," suggests McIntosh.

Next, the booster club compiles the businesses' logos or other artwork, works directly with a company artist on the layout (which, for a booth or canopy includes logos on all four sides), and in four weeks—including shipping—the banner or canopy is ready for your fundraising event, sports game, or concessions sales.

To make sure its customers continue their success, the company offers tips, advice, and feedback from clients they've worked with for years. Creating sponsorship levels is one tip. "Clubs usually base the size of a logo printed on their banners on the amount of money donated," says McIntosh. Another tip: "Put a deadline on the solicitation, such as, 'The first X number of sponsors are guaranteed this spot or size on the banner or canopy,'" he says.

The packages for a canopy or booth range from $680 to $3,000, and sizing begins at 10' x 10'. While the price for stand-alone, quad, and vertical banners varies, the new digital break-through banner costs $3,400. If your booster club would like KD Kanopy to be the club's first sponsor, the price drops to $2,485. According to McIntosh, most clubs pay off their purchases in the first year and earn an average of $1,400 the second year.

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