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A New Twist on Fundraising

It's not often that grown-ups get to play with their food and raise money at the same time. Companies like Fun Pasta Fundraising have helped booster club members do just that by providing fundraising programs that focus on healthful culinary delights with a few creative twists—quite literally.

by the marketing staff at Fun Pasta Fundraising

Pasta has universal appeal. Kids love pasta and most people are familiar with cooking it—a pot of boiling water and a jar of sauce is all that is needed. The uniqueness of these fundraising programs, though, is in the creativity of the products.

For example, each pasta in the Fun Pasta Fundraising catalog is a unique shape, from holiday shapes and collegiate logos to sports and hobbies such as music, cheerleading, and soccer shapes. So while prospective customers are attracted to the variety of fun shapes, many principals and coaches are attracted to the program because it encourages healthful habits.

The simplicity of the fundraising programs is further appreciated by cooks willing to take a couple more steps for tasty 15-minute meals. Some companies print recipes on its labels. In the case of Fun Pasta Fundraising, many of its pasta packages include seasoning mixes. An example is its very popular Chicken Noodle Soup, where the noodles are shaped like chickens. All cooks have to do is just add water and a can of chicken.

These fundraising programs appeal to many booster clubs because most of these items are at a price that members feel comforatble selling: $6, $7, and $10 per item. After setting goals for their individual sellers (either by dollar amount or number of items), club officials will generally conduct these fundraising programs between two and three weeks. To members reach their goals, Fun Pasta Fundraising offers a "baker's dozen" sellers incentive: For every 12 items a participant sells, he or she can choose one free $6 or $7 pasta item.

Following a receipt of an order and payment, the orders are typically shipped within a week to 10 days.

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