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Boiling for Dollars

The Jersey Village Booster Club in Jersey Village, Texas, held it's inaugural Crawfish Boil fundraiser this year and netted close to $2,000. The club plans on making it an annual event.

By David Snokhous
Athletic Coordinator
Jersey Village High School
Jersey Village, Texas

Down here in the Houston area, which is known as the Bayou City, crawfish is a big deal, especially March through May.

We are fortunate to have a parent in our booster club, Fred Foteh, who owns a restaurant, The French Quarter, which sells crawfish. He suggested we conduct a crawfish boil. So we decided to give it a shot. For the first time it went pretty well.

Fred got the crawfish for us at cost from a distributor he deals with. He also pitched in with the preparation and cooking.

We held the three-hour event on April 30 at the Clark Henry Park Pavilion, which is about a block from our school. The pavilion is a great venue, as it's open-air and spacious, and since it's a city park there was no rental cost.

We didn't really start planning for the fundraiser until a month before the event. To help spread the word, we posted signs all around the neighborhood. We also put an ad in the local newspaper, which was free, in addition to posting information on our school website. And obviously we used word of mouth, too.

We had some students stand in front of the local grocery stores to sell tickets the morning of the event. About a dozen parents helped set up.

Between the signs and printing tickets, that cost us about $300. We kept other costs at a minimum, using paper plates and paper rolls. When you eat crawfish you don't get too fancy. Just peel them and eat them.

We charged $10 per ticket that was good for two pounds of food and included potatoes and corn. We had some really big crawfish. They were almost the size of lobsters. They came in a yellow bag and from what I was told, that means they are the biggest crawfish you can buy.

Fred was able to get the potatoes and corn at wholesale, so that also kept the costs down substantially. We ended up feeding around 300 people. And we netted close to $2,000, which we felt was very good.

It was a great day of fellowship and the food was outstanding. I can see this fundraiser growing, especially in this community. We just need to plan things a little earlier and work out a few of the kinks. There's no doubt this will be a big deal one day. is brought to you by a recognized and established name in the school athletics arena, MomentumMedia—publisher of Athletic Management, Coaching Management and Training & Conditioning magazines.