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Gourmet Trucks Galore

The West High Booster Club in Torrance, California employed the services of 10 food trucks that sold an assortment of menu items to suppress the appetite of any discerning diner and made over $1,000 to help support the high school sports teams.

By Cheryl Pivovaroff
President, West High All Sports Booster Club
West High School
Torrance, California

Food trucks are really huge here in Southern California. There was a food truck event going on down by the local beach for one of the other area high schools and we thought that it would make for a great spring fundraiser for us.

We made some calls and started out talking to one truck called John's Barbie's Q and he contacted some people he works with and got them to commit and participate. He got us 10 food trucks, including Phamish Vietnamese, No Reservations Catering, South Philly Experience, Tasty Meats, Valentino's Pizza, La Rue de Paris, and Chunk n Chip.

They trucks paid us 10 percent of their profits for the day. It took about six weeks of planning. Then we picked a date and just ran with it.

The event was held April 30 in our school parking lot from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. One of our local DJ's, DJ Dewey, who does everything free for the local schools, performed at the event and played live music. We made $1,045. It wasn't a killing but it was a super easy fundraiser.

All of these trucks are independent and have come up with their own food specialties. They decorate their trucks and are all fancy with top of the line amenities for cooking and serving great food. And they all have a gimmick. Food prices ranged from $4.75 for ice cream sandwiches and fresh cookies to sandwiches and food plates that sold for $12.

We had the kids sign up in shifts to help set up tables and chairs, wiping down tables and picking up trash, or breaking the tables and chairs down at the end. Overall we had about 150 volunteers.

It was pretty easy and cost effective to promote. We got the word out on our school website, sent out flyers via email in PDF format, and had the local cable station give us a plug during the sports report. We went around to the local businesses and asked that they put a flyer in their windows. We also emailed the other area schools and asked them to put a mention in their various newsletters and on their websites.

The other neat thing that helped us drive traffic was that all of the food trucks Tweeted about the event on their Twitter pages. They have followers like crazy because we were drawing customers from as far as an hour away.

There was minimal expense to us. One of the local businesses donated cleaning products to wipe the tables down. Each vendor had their own napkins, plates, eating utensils and beverages. We just used tables and chairs from the school. And we had recycle bins from the school. This is definitely a fundraiser we want to do again! is brought to you by a recognized and established name in the school athletics arena, MomentumMedia—publisher of Athletic Management, Coaching Management and Training & Conditioning magazines.