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Webinar Provides Fundraising Solutions

Scoreboard company to present webinar on fundraising in September.

Mike Daniel, Vice President of Sales for Varsity Scoreboards, hears all the time from customers that they want to, or even need to, purchase new scoreboards for their athletic facilities, but simply don't have the money to do so. Since the company doesn't expect the economic climate in public schools to improve any time soon, it has taken a proactive step and designed a webinar, titled "Funding Athletics in Today's Economy," to help teach administrators about moving away from a reliance on public funding for athletic programs.

"We hear every day from our customers who want to purchase and just can't," Daniel says. "Then we started hearing back from those who did buy and we asked how they did it. They did a trivia night or pancake breakfasts. There are a million examples.

"So our goal for having the webinar is to be a resource to those people who are struggling to fund their programs," he continues. "We want to give them encouragement so they know that there are people out there in all different kinds of towns and cities who are having success. If you're waiting for public funding, then you're going to keep waiting and kids will go through school and not have the facilities they want."

The webinar will feature ideas for fundraisers, as well as success stories from other schools across the country. "For example, we'll show a clip of a woman from a really small town in Indiana who recently bought a scoreboard from us," Daniel says. "The school didn't have any money, but needed a softball scoreboard, so they did a fundraiser with a company called Abby Candles. In five weeks, the school had raised the money to buy the scoreboard. The school didn't have money to buy one, but this woman wasn't going to take no for an answer. We have a number of examples of people like that who have real-life stories of things they did successfully.

"There are ways to fund athletics in this climate," he continues. "For a school to accept that it doesn't have the money so it won't buy a scoreboard just isn't a good answer. There are avenues out there, and there are ways to fund athletic needs, aside from the typical reliance on public funding. That's really the point of this session."

The one-hour session will begin Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 11 a.m. Eastern time. Anyone interested in registering can do so by visiting: is brought to you by a recognized and established name in the school athletics arena, MomentumMedia—publisher of Athletic Management, Coaching Management and Training & Conditioning magazines.