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Take A Seat

The Damascus High School Athletic Booster Club in Damascus, Maryland, runs a Stadium Chair Fundraiser where fans of the football program can purchase the comfortable seats emblazoned with the school's name and Hornets logo. The booster club sold 60 chairs this season for a profit of $600.

By DeAnna Johnson
President, Damascus High School Athletic Booster Club
Damascus High School
Damascus, Maryland

Our Booster Club has been selling stadium chairs for about six years now. It's a great item for fans who don't want to sit on metal bleachers and be uncomfortable during football games.
We use a local company called Middletown Sports, Inc., in ( for all of our merchandise. They place our orders and add the design.  
This year we sold a deluxe stadium chair for $40 each. The chair has a black background with green and gold script lettering that says "Damascus Hornets" with our hornet logo.
We sell the stadium chairs mostly during home football games. They can also be ordered over the phone or on our website ( The chairs are delivered to our Merchandise Coordinator's home and then either distributed at the football games or we arrange to meet up with the customers.

Since this has been an ongoing item for us, we usually place a first order of about 20 chairs in July. Then we order more as the season goes along. We incur an out of pocket expense when the invoice arrives, about $30 per chair. Then we sell them for $40 each and make $10 per chair.

We sold 60 chairs this season and 40 last year. All of the money we make gets allocated in our merchandise line and used wherever we see fit. It mostly goes towards new uniforms and field maintenance.
The members of the Booster Club spend several hours before the start of the school year deciding which merchandise to sell for the coming season. We only have a few parent volunteers and they help with the ordering, selling apparel, and making the merchandise deposit.

There is not a lot of promotion and advertising we do for this fundraiser. Our main focus has been being visible at home games and utilizing our website.

This is a fun and easy fundraiser. The chairs really sell themselves. All you need to do is locate a company, either locally or online, that sells stadium chairs. It's really that simple. is brought to you by a recognized and established name in the school athletics arena, MomentumMedia—publisher of Athletic Management, Coaching Management and Training & Conditioning magazines.