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Generate Excitement

By using temporary tattoos, beads, and other spirit items offered by Team Dynamics, the athletic department at Southern Alamance Middle School (Graham, N.C.) has boosted enthusiasm for its events. 

In 1983, Dan Waller was watching a Clemson University football game when he noticed the school's cheerleaders had painted paws on their faces to mimic the athletic department's logo. Waller immediately had the idea to turn team logos into temporary tattoos that could be worn by cheerleaders and fans to show their spirit. That idea eventually turned into a company, Team Dynamics, that still produces those Game Faces® temporary tattoos--and much more--for clients across the country 29 years later.

In addition to tattoos, Team Dynamics also provides numerous other spirit items, including shakers, face paint, beads, bandanas, ornaments, arm sleeves, and much, much more. Mark Isley, Athletic Director at Southern Alamance Middle School in Graham, N.C., has worked with Team Dynamics for the past four years to supply basketball beads and face tattoos for the school's annual March Madness Dance.

Isley orders beads in the colors of all the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) basketball teams and tattoos featuring each school's logo. The dance coincides with the ACC men's basketball tournament, and Southern Alamance sells the beads and tattoos to students as a fundraiser. 

"We sell the beads about two weeks before the tournament, then the night of the dance we'll sell the face tattoos," Isley says. "The kids love the beads. They'll wear them to school every day for two weeks. It generates a lot of excitement. Then at the dance, we usually run out of the tattoos. We can't keep them in stock."

In addition to keeping students happy, Team Dynamics also keeps Isley happy. "The company is very prompt with shipping and the stuff comes in very good quality," he says. "They have very reasonable prices, and the people I've dealt with have always been very nice. They always send thank you cards, which I like. They thank you for your business with a hand-written note, which makes it a little more personal. They're very friendly and they work very hard to keep your business. If something ever isn't right, they'll fix it right away."

Team Dynamics isn't just for schools, either. Meredith Easley, Owner and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Easley Winery, located in Indianapolis, Ind., has worked with Team Dynamics on various projects for the past five years. She has ordered Christmas ornaments with the winery's logo on them that are given away to customers, as well as tattoos that also feature the company's logo.

"Every year we get a different colored ornament to give to customers," Easley says. "Then we give the tattoos out when we're at festivals and people are sampling our products. It's a great way to develop brand recognition and keep us in people's minds."

Like Isley, Easley has been thrilled with her working relationship with Team Dynamics. "They're very professional and have high-quality products," she says. "Their colors seem to be true to what they say they'll be. That isn't always the case with other companies."

When Easley first had the idea to create ornaments and face tattoos, she considered three different vendors before ultimately choosing Team Dynamics. "They were the easiest to communicate with--very responsive," she says. "They also sent me a sample so I could gauge the quality of the work, and it was great. They're very organized and have a great system for getting you the product you need, when you need it." is brought to you by a recognized and established name in the school athletics arena, MomentumMedia—publisher of Athletic Management, Coaching Management and Training & Conditioning magazines.